Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0T
Built: 1932
Builder: WG Bagnall, Stafford.
Builder's Number: 2475
Previous Owner: Nelson Brothers Tomoana Freezing Works.

W.G. Bagnall's No. 2475 0-6-0T steam locomotive was built for Nelsons (NZ) Ltd Tomoana Freezing works in 1932. It has two cylinders 11.5 by 16 inches and coupled wheels 33.25 inches in diameter. The engine was used for shunting duties within the freezing works and to assemble trains for transfer to the NZR main lines. It was still in use by the company into the 1980's and had a current steam certificate at the time it was offered to Mainline Steam for safekeeping.

It was transported to Auckland by truck in 1997 where it has been tidied up and had a new steam certificate approved. It was repainted from the dark green colour it was received in to Auckland blue. It also had one short foray to the Silverstream Railway Society tracks in Upper Hutt for duties as a friend of Thomas on the first Thomas the Tank weekend run by that society.

The little Bagnall is a favourite on depot open days. It is used to give rides around the depot at Parnell. As it is the smallest engine owned by Mainline it the most child friendly. The locomotive is also used to assist in lighting up the oil-fired locomotives. Steam is passed from the Bagnall into the larger locomotive to build up enough pressure to heat the oil and operate the atomiser for the oil firing.

It had its first public run with Mainline Steam on the 29th of May 1994.