Welcome to the Mainline Steam 2018 Calendar page. We post details of our excursions once all the details are confirmed. We are pleased to announce that we now have our own fleet of carriages based in Wellington so we will be looking to develop excursions to put them to good use. There is a photo of one of the interiors here and the exterior here. All cars are heated and air conditioned and feature large panoramic windows to maximize the view.
In the Auckland area our focus has to be on building a new depot to house our equipment which is currently spread over a number of locations making it difficult for us to continue any restoration or maintenance work.

Tui Brewery future excursions.
Here is a list of exciting trips to The Tui Brewery in 2019.  The first one on the 9th of February 2019 is already open for booking and we will be opening the rest progressively over the coming year. Watch this website and our Facebook page for updates.

28th July 2019. Vintage Car Day

10th November 2019. The popular Tui Express with lunch at the Tui Brewery.

15th December 2019. Christmas at the Brewery.